Warranty Policies

Our warranty policy ensures that your product is protected from defects in materials, materials, design or manufacturing that may occur after purchase. In the event that IXPHA sells the product directly to you and to specific products, repairs will be made by the authorized service centers. In cases where the products have been purchased by another seller, the terms of the seller's warranty will apply.

The warranty does not apply to any cases other than defects in materials, materials, design or fabrication. Not all products are covered, and you should check the product listing to see if the product includes a warranty.

In cases where Noon sells the product directly to you, a 24-month warranty will be offered for products sold to buyers in Saudi Arabia. Repair or replacement of the product under the terms of this warranty shall not constitute any right to extend or renew the warranty, and the warranty terms shall be in accordance with the manufacturer of the product. If your product cannot be repaired but is still under warranty, we will replace the product, and if a replacement is not available, a full refund will be given.

The customer must deliver the product under warranty in its original condition and original packaging and includes all accessories and warranty card.

Warranty policy

Number of repairs per product *

warranty period

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24 months in Saudi Arabia

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Please refer to the Third Party Warranty Terms

Please refer to the Third Party Warranty Terms

third party

* During the warranty period

When you submit your product for repair, you give your consent to win it and / or the third party who is repairing your product to use your contact details to communicate with you regarding the repair service. For more details regarding guarantees, please see the Terms of Sale on the website.

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You can reach us via email, through our social media sites.